Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Update on Pat

I am sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I actually forgot. Yesterday was really not a good day for Pat. I had to call the doctor because he has been running a low grade fever and his stomach and digestive system is not working properly. The doctor said to look up on the Internet about "Dumping Syndrome". Well I figured out the problem immediately. He has been eating the wrong foods. The doctor said he told me about this in the hospital, but I can assure you that I would have remembered this. In fact, I asked Dr. Lin if I would be seeing a nutritionist so that I could be educated in the proper foods for his condition. His answer was "no". Last night we began the new diet and he is feeling much better. His diet now consists of fiber and carbs such as potatoes and rice. He can also have dairy products and protein. His recommended fruit is apples and pears. Pat was so anxious to get our of the house today, so he went with me to Oklahoma (two hour car ride) to meet my mom and pick up our dog, Pope. Pope is a 10 year-old, diabetic, almost blind dog, who requires two shots of insulin a day. Mom graciously took him home for a month to take care of him so that I would not have to worry about Pope too. Mom, thanks again! Ms. Bear was sure happy to see Pope.

Have a great evening!

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