Sunday, August 24, 2008

Life Tree II

Our future backyard

Life Tree II
Pat choosing the perfect place.
Brian and Lecia doing the digging!

Pat and I went to Hico Friday evening. It was so nice for new scenery for the both of us. He was anxious to get the second tree in the ground. Pat had the perfect place picked out. It is planted in the front yard of our future home. For the story on the tree, see August 14th posting.
Our stay in Hico was not long. We came back on Saturday as G had "Calling all Cougars" at school where they were able to get their schedules and meet each teacher. Everyone kept commenting to G "you sure have grown this summer". G is now 5' 7.5" per his physical three weeks ago. He is looking forward to football and seeing (girls)friends.
Pat is feeling better. He says his good days out number his bad ones. His biggest challenge is still eating. He sure is trying as the food that has been delivered is just wonderful. We are so thankful! We went to church this morning. Everyone was so glad to see Pat this morning. He felt like his clothes were too big, but he looked just fine to me! He has now lost 25 lbs. The sermon was perfectly fitting to us and the praise and worship was awesome. I like the quote I heard the other day. "There is no high like the utmost high". I agree.
I had a first today. You should have seen me on the zero turn mower. G was mowing the backyard and I thought I would have a try at it. I am glad that Pat was napping and couldn't see me. It is not as easy at it looks. I did get better after I scalped the yard a time or two. I can guarantee that the grass doesn't look as good as when Pat mows.


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