Thursday, August 7, 2008

Update on Pat

It is 10:40 pm and Pat is settling in for the evening. He has had a headache and back pain for the past hour along with a low grade fever. He and I just took a long walk around the floor. He is in fair spirits and not so edgy this evening as he was mid morning. I washed his hair and he felt so much better. He has slept pretty good all day. This room is so nice and large and I will be able to sleep in here. It has two recliner chairs and one that lays out flat, so it will be better than the waiting room. He is also being fed continuously through his feeding tube. He has been a real trooper and a good patient and he has been proudly showing off his scar on his stomach. I am so very proud of his progress and others that have visited with him agree. He has had some funny things to say that cracked us up. Mr. P and G along with Bubba were here today and Pat said that it was time for Mr P and G to take off and I asked him why. He replied "to go pull weeds". I don't know about Mr P, but G has never pulled a weed in his life! Now I am going to try to settle in myself. I thank God this evening for His grace and mercy and even the joy He has given me during this second day when I am so tired and could be grumpy myself. I am thankful for Pat's progress and our many friends and family who have supported us so much. Goodnight!
Good Morning!

We are so excited because we have just moved to a room! I feel like I am at the Hilton. The room is huge and my window faces the corner of Henderson and Pennsylvania with a wonderful view of downtown Fort Worth. We are in room 414 in the Heart Tower. The nurses in ICU were wonderful and I hated leaving his favorite nurse, Jill. It takes such special people to work in ICU.

Last night Pat did well and was resting comfortably. He slept from 2 until 8 pm without waking up. He also slept really good from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 this morning. He was uncomfortable for an hour or two, but they gave him some Lortab and this is the best pain medication for Pat. He actually won't remember we moved to a new room! He is snoring away as I type.

I slept from 12:30 to 6:00 this morning on the couch in ICU waiting. I was thrilled when my friend, Martha, a nurse here at Harris, found me a place to shower and brought me a muffin.
They are now using Pat's feeding tube and he is now having Nestle's Nutritional supplement...yum! They also removed his catheter this morning.
I will post again this evening.
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