Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Update

9:00 a.m. - Good Morning! Pat took the Ambien last night about 11:00 and only slept until 2:00. Why did that Ambien not work I wonder? So, he was up the rest of the night. Maybe he has his nights and days switched like babies due when they are born. He does take good naps in the mornings until about lunch or after. His mood is good and alert. He just took his shower and ready for our routine, which has been pretty predictable. Pat is excited about tomorrow when he does the swallow test. Hope everyone has a good Monday. I will post this afternoon. Lord, please send us more rain!



8:30 pm - I had a major discovery today. I asked the nurse late last night if she was giving Pat his Amitriptyline and she said they were giving it to him in the morning. This medication is used to help Pat sleep at night. If he doesn't get enough sleep he will get a migraine. This morning I asked the nurse to check on this and sure enough he has been getting it in the morning instead of right before bed. Then I figured out that is why he was sleeping most of the day. I hope he sleeps like a baby tonight. Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for, so please remember Pat in prayer tomorrow as he goes for his swallow test. Dr. Lin stopped today and said that he will drink a old cough-like syrup and then swallow it and they will watch to see if his newly created esophagus does its job. If so, he gets to remove the NRG tube from his nose. He has actually been bored today and walking around a lot. He looks even better than he did yesterday. The worse is behind us.
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