Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Update

Good Morning! Pat felt like a new man yesterday. His pain is being maintained by his medications which he is taking orally now. Dr. Lin popped in last night about 6:00 and said he would start soft foods and remove the remaining drain tubes. His first meal was some pasta, some kind of meat and some zucchini. This morning at 5:00 they removed his IV from his neck. On his morning breakfast tray he had an egg omelet with cheese sausage, oatmeal, milk and juice. He did find out quickly to eat less and eat slower. He was just so excited to see real food instead of the "liquid" bag that has been going into his feeding tube since surgery. Now he just has his heart monitor and feeding tube which is called a J-tube. He will go home with the J-tube for about a month. Pat now has a t-shirt and shorts on he looks to be in "ready mode" to head to the house. We will be waiting today to hear if we do get to go home today. Pat did lose another pound today so he is down 17 lbs. now. He will definitely have to go shop for new clothes before he returns to work. Yesterday he actually said he wished he could go to work Monday. What do you think I said about that? My kids are anxious for dad to come home and they have done so well and have been by the hospital everyday. I hope the next time I post it will be from home!
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