Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Almost Morning!

Hello!  Almost good morning!  It has been a busy day and I am just about to nod off, but wanted to check in and say hello!  

All is well in the Easterling household tonight! A big thank you to the Hadleys and the Restons for the MAV tickets.  You guys are awesome and you know just how to send a big ol hug, particularly from Kansas, Hadleys!  We appreciate your thoughtfulness so much!

We leave tomorrow mid morning for Tulsa.  We are scheduled to meet with Marie, our Nurse Practitioner in the afternoon and chemo about 7:30 tomorrow night. We will return Friday afternoon.

Tomorrow night Garrett has a tournament that begins, but we will only be there in spirit!  One of you Spartan Moms please have mercy on me and text me play by play!!  That would be cool!  I'll take quarter by quarter score update if I could at least ask for that.  

I am signing off...gotta pack!

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