Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello Balloon Friend

Good Morning and Happy New Year!
Hope you had a good New Year's Eve!  Pat was out at 9:15 and woke up about 12:15 AM.  He had a pretty good night, but at 5:00 this morning he hit his worst pain level I have ever seen.  Right now he is prn on his pain meds, so when he slept for four hours uninterrupted he paid for it.  We finally got the pain under control. The doctor just came in and she is going to put Pat on a pain pump so that he can get relief when he needs it.   Dr. Cheeks has ordered a CT scan today, so I am thankful that we can get this on a holiday weekend. Specifically, we need to pray for answers and solutions to this infection.  

Kelly and Brian came yesterday to hang out with us here at the hospital.  They live in Yukon, outside OKC, so they are pretty close.   Kelly drove me to the mall and so I could get Pat some more t-shirts and sweat pants.   Later in the afternoon Misty drove over from OKC to visit us too.  It was great to see her as we have been friends since my freshman year in college and it has been couple of years since we had a chance to visit.  God hugs again!

If you saw my FB page you saw Pat's birthday balloons that were sent to us from our Life Group and our Kids. Talk around the floor brought in all kinds of nurses to see our balloon surprises.  The picture you see is the cutest little balloon figure that just makes you smile. Pat was so proud of his balloons from the kids too and was bragging on them.  

I will update you later this afternoon after we CT results.  

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