Saturday, December 18, 2010

Aw Hico!

Hello from Hico! 

So glad we are here! We attended the breakfast at Lonnie and Charlene and with our Hico neighbors. We ate at 10:00 and I was still full until the afternoon. I doubled up on the biscuits and gravy that's why! 

It has been a lazy afternoon today that consisted of a great nap and a trip to the local grocery. You get spoiled with our fancy stores in the metroplex. 

Garrett brought his buddies with him and we are all watching the movie Elf. I am cracking up again at Will Farrell at his best! Pat is going to start the grill for some juicy cheeseburgers. He surely will gain sone weight after today's menu. 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. It's is hard for me to believe Christmas is next Saturday. This girl needs to crank it up a notch to get finished, but it will happen. 

Have a good night! 

PS. Cash is happy he is in Hico too!!

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