Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My New Devotional


Boy do my feet hurt tonight.  Yes, I went Christmas shopping today for about five hours and I did make a dent in my list, but I have more to go.  

Congratulations to the entire Spartan team  for their 1st ever win vs. a varsity basketball team tonight by beating Diamond Hill-Jarvis' varsity 51-44.   Good game G!  More basketball Friday vs. Frisco at home.

One more congratulations.  I have been giddy all day long waiting on the birth of Caden Matthew Fanning who entered this world tonight at 8:03 PM.  Congratulations to Matt & Ashley and proud grandparents, Angie & Jordan!  Wow! Knowing that you are going to meet your grandchild has to be one of the most exciting moments here on this earth!
I have to agree with what Pat said today.  He is dreading Thursday when we travel to Tulsa as he has to face the whole cycle again.  Today was the first day that he has felt really good since his last treatment two weeks ago.  My prayer is that his next chemo treatment will have less side effects and better days following treatment.  I am so proud of Pat and his fight. He is so faithful in following doctor's orders.  He takes his medicines, drinks his water and eats healthy.  Once in a while, we cheat and have something sweet, but not very much.  
The past two weeks have been tough with the side effects for Pat and his hospital stay.  There are days it is hard for him to leave his chair.  When he has bad days, it is hard for me too.  I have found one of the toughest part of this journey is keeping my mind focused.  I have to choose to trust God.  I may be scared, but I remind myself that God knows all things about me.  He knows of my fear, my hurt, and my frustration.  God also knows when I want to pout or take my toys and go home because I am tired of this new game.  

Last week I went to the dentist and was chatting with my hygentist, Cari.  I could tell she hadn't heard about our news, so I told her.  While she was cleaning my teeth (she always asks me questions when she has her cleaning utensils in my mouth) she asked me if I could share one thing that I have taken from all of this what would it be?  I have to trust God. God is good and all things go through His hands. I have to trust Him in every aspect of my life whether it be small or large.  All of this was planned for us.  He has a purpose.

Below is part of the devotion that was in my inbox today that I want to share. 

Jesus calls us to a level of intimacy that can only be sustained by his constant presence in our lives. Discipleship without Jesus is no discipleship at all. We may not understand all that discipleship involves or all that it will cost us, but Jesus calls us to take the first step, and, through that obedience, we develop the additional faith necessary to take the next step.
His call is a command for you to comprehensively and absolutely walk away from the way you do life now so you can follow him down an exclusive path through the narrow gate that leads to the kingdom of heaven.
Jesus wants you to know him and, through that relationship, He will empower you to live an extraordinary life, full of grace and truth. He calls you to a miraculous life, one that requires edge-of-your-seat faith to follow him, where you find yourself asking in joy, "What's next, Jesus? What are you going to do through me today?"

God is real and each days he knows exactly what I need.
In His Grip!

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