Thursday, December 2, 2010

Woot Woot! Great News!

Hey guys!  I am so excited and just did the happy dance on the elevator, but my kids would be happy to know that I was on it by myself!  That makes me grin!  Are you ready for the good news........Pat's tumor markers are down and let me give you the numbers so that you can celebrate with us.  When we came in here in October during our first visit, his tumor marker was 1145.5 and today it is 152.2! I wish I could draw the trend line for you.  God is so good and he hears our prayers. I wonder if I could do a cartwheel here in the infusion center? Better not!

Pat is beginning his chemo now.  It has been an easy going day!  Pat's Uncle Mike & Aunt Jeri drove us to the airport this morning.  Jeri, you did an awesome job and we are so glad that you don't drive like the taxi drivers in NYC!    

On the flight here I was just closing my eyes, as I was crammed in the middle seat trying to keep my elbows to myself, and was just thanking God that I actually looked forward to coming to Tulsa to the Cancer Center.  Now, I am speaking only for Paige, not Pat.  After visiting three cancer centers in Texas, I am so thankful that we are here in Tulsa.  I truly felt so depressed when we visited the other places.  My thought was "we will be just another patient without a name" and "I don't want to be here".  When I am here at CTCA I feel at home and secure.

It has taken me a while to get this blog finished! Pat and I have new friends and nurses here, so I have been chatting.  There is a couple, Carolyn and Ray, who are in their early forties from Dallas they have only been married three months before coming to Tulsa in October.  He has Pancreatic cancer also and they have not been home at all since they arrived in October.  Carolyn and I have become fast friends and it is nice to have someone to share the journey with you that is experiencing the same.  She just popped over for a quick visit and a hug.

I hope that you have a good weekend.  I just got a text from Natalie that the boys are playing now in Santo and they are behind by 1, third quarter, so kick it up a notch Spartans!

I smile as I say goodnight!


PS  I have attached a picture of the living tree here at the center.  I heard Pat tell the bellman at dinner that his name will be at the top of that tree!  You are right baby, you are right! 
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