Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hello from Tulsa!  I would prefer not to live in Tulsa, but everyone we have met here are wonderful and kind people, particularly at this center.  Each day we meet a new person and then see the ones that have become friends.  Right now I have six couples who are treated here at the center that I pray for.  One of the ladies, Lydia, is now cancer free from her breast cancer and she will not have to come back until three months from now.  Just yesterday I heard of a man from Burleson who is currently in the hospital right now here at the center that I hope to meet.  He works with a friend of Elizabeth's and he too has pancreatic cancer.  It is certainly a place I recommend for anyone dealing with cancer even if it is for a second opinion.  
I am currently reading four books, but the one I read today on the flight here is one that I mentioned several posts back called "Don't Waist the Pain". (This book is written by a sister and a brother who share their intimate journals as the sister fights ovarian cancer and the brother has a 12 year-old son with an aggressive childhood cancer.) The chapter, Praying for Your Doctor, gave me an aha moment.  Pat and I went to four different oncologists for their opinions.  Without a doubt I knew God had a doctor just for Pat,  but we had to rely on God to show us who that doctor was going to be. Pat said we began the search, "whoever we pick there is no turning back".  After we choose we have to put our trust in them.  "Praying for our doctors is one of the most practical ways we can work out this dilemma of trusting so much while depending entirely on God". Many times I have prayed generically "please guide the doctor, give them wisdom" or something similar, but they encourage me to pray specifically.   We can pray for strength and we can even pray for them to change their mind.  Doctors can be instruments to be used to heal, but ultimately God is the one who will heal Pat.  "Doctors can be the beneficiary of our prayers".  
As Dr. Stresdta was examining Pat, I was praying.  Pat's fever is a concern and she wants to know the source of the fever.  One idea she has is that the Zometa could be causing the fever. Each time Pat received the injection he was hospitalized the following week.   ZOMETA is an injection that can work to slow down bone-destroying activity that cause bone to wear away.  This injection is given once a month.  So, Pat will not get the injection today.  

We met with naturpathic and nutrition today. Since Pat lost 5 lbs last week, they are concerned and want to make sure that we continue to give him the best nutrition possible.   Since Pat's stomach is so small, we have to make good choices.  He currently takes 14 pills (also supplements) in the morning and 17 in the evening.  Those pills alone fill his stomach.  So, he is challenged with his meals and fluids.  I like meeting with the nutritionist because she gives me ideas or reminds me of different snacks to give him since he has to eat six small meals a day. I have to say that this is one of the most intimidating parts of this journey.  It is easier to not eat than to decide what to eat.  

Pat is currently receiving chemo now.  When he gets his chemo, he also gets Benadryl, fluids, nausea medication and steroids.  It takes a little over two hours.  (That is why this post is lengthy!).  We are still on the every two weeks treatment plan, so we will return on the 29th of December.

Many of you have mentioned to me that you want to know what to pray for specifically.  I ask that you join me in praying for no more fever and ER/hospital visits.  I also pray that this week he feels exceptionally good because of the Christmas holidays.   

Your encouragement, support and prayer serves us, but you are pleasing God.  It is amazing and humbling to hear from you that are praying and thinking of us daily.  Please know that his great medicine for all five of us.  I know that commenting on this site may be intimidating and we thank you brave ones for  your words of love written for us to read. 

Have a great night!

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