Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Patrick!

Did you know that Pat weighed 10 lbs. when he was born at 12:45 AM in 1957?  Did you know that he was eating cereal out of a bottle when he was three days old?  Do you know that is probably why I had a 10 lb. baby boy named Garrett that was two weeks early?

Bless his sweet heart!  It stinks being in the hospital on his birthday, but I am so very thankful we are here in Tulsa.  God went before us and he knew what Pat needs.  It feels so much better knowing that this is this staff's speciality and they know his history.  I am sorry though we are so far away from home.  God says to abide in His presence and that He is holding our hand, so we are.

Pat  doesn't feel good today.  He is on heavy pain meds as his pain in his back is at about an 6 to 8 and they are trying to get on top of it. I just met with the doctor and she is trying to make sure that he is comfortable.  Pain levels are important around here as they want your body fighting the cancer and not the pain. They are giving him three different kinds of antibiotics to fight the infection and they feel that the medications were started early enough yesterday to be of big help in fighting it.   Dr. Cheek believes that the infection is coming from his bile duct area which can cause the back pain too. He still has fever that comes and goes along with chills.  We will definitely be here until Monday as we will see Dr. Roeder, the gastroenterologist, and get his opinion.  He may have to have a procedure called an EGRP, which is like an endoscope that goes down and looks at the troubled area to see if there is any blockage or perhaps the stent is blocked.   Please pray his fever breaks, his pain gets down to a 1-2 and that the doctors will have w/d/g (wisdom, discernment and guidance).  

The kids are sad that they are not with their dad on his birthday. Please pray for their comfort and peace while we are away.  Garrett has a basketball in Lipan today at noon....go Spartans!  

I will check back later.  Thank you for sending Pat birthday wishes.  His phone is blowing up and  am forwarding messages that you send m.


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