Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Necklace

Daddy's girl
Three days til Christmas!  I only have four gifts wrapped, but I was done shopping until Elizabeth reminded me of one more gift I need to buy. 
What is so cool is that I continue to get God hugs every day.  Yesterday when I was shopping at the mall and walked by the Estee Lauder counter a cosmetic sales lady noticed my necklace.  This necklace is special.  It reads "Life Is Special Handle with Care".  It is unique and has a layered look with the word prayer written on it. She commented on it and asked where I got it and I told her my friend, Robyn, sent it in the mail to me.  I have to share this story with you as it just another example of friends who reach out to us and God uses them to minister to us.  Robyn said that she bought the necklace several weeks before she sent it.  She didn't even think she was going to send it to me after she bought it.  She got that nudge and put it in the mail. The day I pulled in to the driveway and parked by the mailbox (remember it is my job to get the mail)  was one of those tough days.  I opened a card and this necklace fell into my lap. I just started bawling.  Her gift is precious, but the timing is what touched me so much. You see I didn't need this hug the week when she bought it or even the day before.  I needed it that very day....a God hug.   Okay back to Ms Estee with the bluest eyeshadow I have ever seen.  I shared with her my story and then she put her arms on mine and said "I promise to pray for you" and she shared with me more words from her heart.  I told her our name was Pat and Paige and that I would come find her when we get our miracle.  
I am humbly giddy tonight!  I came home after being gone most of the day to a clean house.  My anonymous  angel paid for our house to be professionally cleaned.  Oh my gosh I can't tell you how wonderful it feels.  Girls I think you know!  To have your whole house clean at the same time is usually not the case for me.  So, tonight I am sitting on my couch (one of the reasons I am not wrapping gifts tonight) because I want to smell the clean and enjoy my house and try not to be too much of a nagging mom to my kids in keeping it clean.  Thank you sweet angel!  A clean house is an awesome hug.
I am sorry to say that Pat is not fever free now.  At 1:30 this morning he woke me up with severe chills which lead to fever of 100.6.  I was able to get him warm and he eventually went back to sleep.  His care nurse, Adeline, called today to check on him and she says that she feels like it is from the chemo. Dang.  Just like Matt's migraines, I want to know the reason. Today he said he felt like felt pretty sluggish, but we did have a double date lunch with Conny and Angela.  Conny said he found the best hamburger around, so we went to Dixie House today to check it out.  Pat and I both fasted for our 11:30 date and I am not kidding you, it was the best burger that I have had in so long.  I also judge a good hamburger by the french fries, don't you? I cleaned my plate!
Have a good evening and I will chat with you tomorrow!
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