Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Awesome News

I can hardly wait to get this post published as we are so excited about the news we heard today.  By the way, howdy!

Are you ready for this?  (here the music starting?)  Pat's tumor markers are down from 152 to 114 and let me remind you that when we began this journey in October, his numbers were 1142! Below 45 is normal.  Marie, the nurse practitioner said "This is a phenomenal response in such a short treatment!"   Wow!  I even asked Marie if "Wow" was a good word in this situation and she said yes!  She said "well yes, wow is a word and yes it works!"  I just love her. I sounded goofy to me too!

Pat and I are overwhelmed, thankful and just plain teary-eyed over this news. We know without a shadow of a doubt that these great numbers are an answer to prayer.  How humbling to know that so many of you are lifting Pat's name up to our Heavenly Father and asking for healing and His continued miracles.  Thank you for taking our requests to God and now I ask you to thank Him.  Prayer is the biggest gift you could give us.

On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us, as you help us by your prayers.  Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answers to the prayers of many.  (2 Corinthians 1:10-11, NIV).   

Pat is about to begin his chemo.  They are going to start the new drug Aredia tonight.  It will take two hours to administer after his chemo, so we will be here for a while tonight.  He will also get the nasty Neulasta injection in the morning before we catch the flight home. This is the drug that causes his bones to hurt.

We needed this news tonight!  We are celebrating tonight and basking in God's goodness and His faithfulness.  What a great birthday gift to Pat two days early!

We Love You!

Pat & Paige

xoxo  xoxo  

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