Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School

Whoa, busy day for me!  This time of the year is hopping at the church.  I like it!

Pat had a good day today and I am so thankful each day he has gotten better.  He has been working full days as he says it helps him to keep busy. By the time he hits his recliner at night he is exhausted and done.

The last full week before school starts as Garrett starts next Tuesday.  Matt moved his stuff in to his apartment on Monday, but his school doesn't start until the 29th.  I use to look forward to "back to school" shopping with my kids, but now my 17-year-old just calls and says, "Hey mom, I am going to go buy a few clothes for school.  See ya."  Awe, that is sad.  I am savoring every minute of the next two years Garrett has left. Time flies by too fast.

We all stopped what we were doing tonight and watched "Mobbed".  Did you see it?  Howey Mandel was the host.  If you haven't watched it and you have it recorded, skip to the next paragraph.  This girl and guy went out to dinner and while eating this strange girl comes over and says something to the boyfriend, and throws water in his face.  A policeman comes over and said he needed to write a report, but the boyfriend walks away.  Immediately after he walks away the restaurant goes crazy dancing and singing and she realizes it is all for her.  They move the "show" outside and she looks up and her boyfriend is walking toward her in a tux. He asked her to marry him, she said "yes" and then he asked her if she wanted to get married right now.  She says yes again and then it is pure magical.  I wanted to laugh, smile and cry while watching it play out.  Every girl loves romance and this girl won the prize!

I read this today....We never arrive at any spiritual inheritance through the enjoyment of a picnic but always through fierce conflicts of the battlefield. 

I am ready for a nice picnic soon!

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