Sunday, August 7, 2011

This morning Pat and I got up early to drive to Hico to take care of a few things. It is so dry and crunchy there and just down right depressing. We got out of the cattle business just in time due to the lack of rain and the fact we were unable to bail hay this year. Change. There is more change.The other day Pat said, "Paige, my life will never be as I knew it before." The reason for that statement is that we are down sizing. We sold our cattle a couple of months ago and sold a tractor. We have had some of our ranch for sale, and now we have decided to sell it all. We have owned our place since 1998 and it feels just like yesterday when all five of us took a dusk drive on the four-wheeler each four-wheeler that is!

I actually cried that recent Sunday afternoon when we were chatting about
selling it all. I told him that it is so hard to sell your dreams. Nothing can
remove our wonderful memories but dreams can change without notice. I try to
make light of it and tell him we are just changing our hobby from ranching to
traveling. It might be cheaper. Hico is a wonderful place and we have many neighbors that we call friends.

Today Pat faced changed again. He started losing his hair today, so he had to shave his head. It was emotional. He actually looks good, but it isn't really about the hair. It is the principal. It is a physical reminder of the battling he faces every single day. Hair or no hair, he is still handsome and beautiful to me.

I use to assume: 
that you will have good health for years. 
that you will retire just as you planned. that your dreams will play out.
that you will always have perfect health insurance. 
that your kids won't have to see one of their parents fight cancer. 
that you will all be together at the next holiday. that you will enjoy those grandchildren.
Now I appreciate: 
a calorie or little body fat
a birthday.
a fulfilled dream
a perfect vacation
a whisper from the Lord
a God hug.
and the list goes on.

I am claiming His promises, but some days it is really hard to look up out of the valley. God chose us to do hard, so it is hard to complain when you know that this journey went through His hands. There is reason and purpose and I am trying to just trust God each day.

Dont' assume.....
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