Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Ain't Country

Have you had a good Sunday?  I made it to church this morning, but Pat didn't.  He has run a fever all day and has felt awful.  I know he is frustrated because he hates this feeling and he wanted to go to the Home Show today.  He didn't have to have is Neulasta shot, so I am praying he bounces back quicker this week.

I probably should have been doing some productive house work today, but I didn't.  It is almost time for school to start, so I am working on redesigning the website for the Centennial High School boys basketball and a new Facebook for the teams as well.  Really, I am a nerd and am happy to play with my techno all day!

Matt will be moving his things into his new apartment in Waco tomorrow and get things ready for school which starts the 28th.  It really makes me sad to see him go, but I am glad Waco is close.  Matt is very thankful that his job at the bank in China Springs was held for him while he came home for the summer to work with his Dad. I know that he has enjoyed being part of the American Best Choice team.  How blessed you are, Matt! 

Pat and I are watching the CMA Music Festival and he says "this ain't country." 

Have a good week!
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