Saturday, August 13, 2011

So Thankful for the Rain!

Pat, Matt and I just finished watching the Soul Surfer.  What a great movie that required Kleenex.  Matt said that the movie was hard to watch as it reminds him of his Dad.  Their life changed in one day and they had to learn a new normal.  As Carrie Underwood (one of the actresses in the movie) said, "I do not know why this has happened, but I know that God has a purpose."  She is right.

My niece, Brianna, left for college today at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.  I just checked on my sister to make sure she was okay because I know how that feels when you send your first born off to school.  Kelly said that she felt like she dropped Brianna off at camp and will see her in a week.  It is bittersweet as you so excited about their new adventure, but your heart hurts because you know that your child is growing up.  (They can come back home to stay awhile too!)

Pat got up this morning and went to work the Home and Garden Show at the Fort Worth Convention.  He felt pretty good until later this afternoon and has not felt good since.  He has a low grade fever and his body hurts.  He wants to feel better tomorrow so he can go to church and go work the home show.

I can't close until I thank God for the rain.  We need some more, please!

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