Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Legacy Desired

We are driving home from Belew cemetery after laying my Uncle Mark to rest. The McNatts are an amazing family with strong roots than began with Arby and Margaret who left a legacy of strong devotion to God and the importance of family. To see 75 plus family gathered together just touches my heart.

It is so important to me that Pat and i leave the legacy of strong faith, trust in God, power of prayer and family devotion. I've said it many times that my biggest prayer through this journey is that Elizabeth, Matt and Garrett will see God's hand but most of all seek His face, His word and fall deeper in love with Him.

I told a friend today that I couldn't imagine walking each day without my Heavenly Father who has been so faithful to allow me to hear Him whisper and feel His presence. Waking up each morning and meeting with Him is my most favorite part of the day.

I will miss you Uncle Mark and to my McNatt family, you are precious to Pat, the kids and I. Thank you for walking alongside us with your love and support.

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