Sunday, August 21, 2011

It was a great day and Pat had a good one too! He worked outside most of the day and he and Matt are trying to finish up on a retaining wall they started a couple of months ago.

As I stood in church singing the words "Let your mercies fall from Heaven" I realized that the song I was singing was a follow up to what the Lord showed me this morning. I only had a few minutes in my chair before getting ready for church so I picked up Priscilla Shirer's book, "One In A Million". I read:

We can sometimes get so focused on this one thing, this one way we're wanting God to act on our behalf, this one moment when He's supposed to show up and do something spectacular, that we close ourselves off from His greater purposes. This all comes from trying to fix the wilderness rather than yield to the wilderness. Sometimes the better thing God is wanting to do just needs to be waited on for a little while longer.

He used her writing to tell me that I am trying to fix the wilderness and not yield to certain areas in my life. I have it all figured out in my mind just how our journey can be fixed and that seems to be what I am waiting for. I am in waiting mode. The key words were "His greater purposes". I felt He was telling me there is reason for the wait as He has an agenda which I will never understand this side of Heaven. The words, His mercies fall from heaven, made me think of all of His love, gifts, blessings that flow each day. Now my brain is kind of muddled, so I looked up the definition of mercies:

1 a : kind and gentle treatment of someone (as a wrongdoer or opponent) having no right to it b : a disposition to show mercy
2 a : a blessing as an act of divine love b : a fortunate happening
3 : kindness shown to victims of misfortune

He give us His mercies, but we do not deserve them. His mercies are a blessing and are too numerous to list.

So, as I was singing, I opened my palms to receive His beautiful mercies and I am reminded again of His love, His faithfulness, His goodness and His sovereignty.

I guess I will try to not fix it.

Life is precious!
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