Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hanging in Tulsa

Hey guys! 

Sitting here with my honey. Gosh, I am so happy that we have his pain under control now.  He is now on a pain pump and that is making a huge difference.  Pat went downstairs about 2:30 for his CT.  It looks like he may be having a problem with his gallbladder.  We are going to continue with the antibiotics, all three of them, and hopefully chat with the surgeon tomorrow.  As I said before, most likely nothing will be done before Monday.
Pat was just served his dinner and you want to know what was under the green lid?  Oh, you will never guess....lobster and shrimp with a baked potato and green beans.  Not kidding.  Last night he had a ribeye with a baked potato.  Unfortunately he is struggling with his appetite so I offered to eat his dinner tonight because nothing sounded good.  I did get the kitchen to whip up a chocolate shake.  I talking him into taking the next sip right now.  

This place just thinks of everything.  I forgot to mention yesterday that the nurse, Elliott, brought Pat a piece of birthday cake.  Dietary brought him a little shake that had a "Happy Birthday" card attached. Since it was New Year's Eve, they had some sparkling apple cider, sub sandwiches, chips and chocolates for all of on this floor to snack on last night. While I was waiting on Pat's milkshake a bit ago, I mentioned to the chef that I really liked the sparkling cider.  She said she had a bottle left over, so she gave it to me.  As I was caring the bottle through the lobby, it looked like I had resorted to the "bottle"!  You know what I like about the sparkling cider?  The sparkling is the "burn" that flows beautifully down my throat.  I told you I miss my Dr. Peppers, so this cider has the familiar burn!   

Oh I am so excited about my unexpected visitors today.  Karen and Dewayne Wellman popped into visit us.  Karen was my piano teacher for eight years through high school and she also played the piano in our wedding.  They have a good friend, Jackie, who is our neighbor here on the same hospital floor.  Tom, Jackie's husband, came by and introduced himself in October when we were here for an extended stay as the Wellman's told him about our treatment here. Tom and his wife, Jackie, live in Tulsa and he was a former OBU Professor.  What a small world.  Thanks God for another God hug today!

I miss my kids!  I am thankful that they have good friends that have been there for them and their friends' parents have been so good to make sure my kiddos are taken care of.  If you love my kids, then I am going to automatically love you!  

Going to say goodbye for now!  Hug each other!
Pat & Paige
PS:  Thank you my WWF game pals......Kat, Terri, Kourtney, Toni, Jim, Ronda, Bill, Adrienne, Kelli, CW, Lori, Denise, Craig, Laura, Lana, Cathy, Nancy, and Elizabeth.  I'd be nuts without you!   
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