Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birthday Party

Hello!  Wow what a busy, busy weekend and that is why I did not stop in for a hello this past few days.  Saturday morning I left for Oklahoma and returned about 4:00 this afternoon. 

I didn't talk much about it here on CB because my dad reads this, but Michele, Kelly and I threw dad a surprise 80th birthday party yesterday in Madill.  We have been planning this for sometime and had it on FaceBook, in the church bulletin and in the newspaper in Madill as we thought that would be the fastest and best way to invite all of his friends.  We did put SURPRISE on all the media, but some people slipped up, and he started to suspect something was up.  Michele had to lie a little bit and tell him it was going to be on Sunday as he said to her one day people kept mentioning his birthday to him and randomly wishing him a happy birthday.  That is okay though, as we had not planned for it to be a surprise at first, but he seemed oblivious at first, so we ran with the idea.  It really doesn't matter because he was surprised because he had so many friends and family that attended and a few faces that he had not seen in years.  Michele, Kelly and I want to say thank you to those who came, sent a card or sent their best wishes.  Kelly did a memory book for him, I did the slide show and Michele did the rest!  We had a really good time and there is nothing better than seeing his face when he walked into the room.   We love you, dad!  What an inspiration you are are to me and so many others.  The comment that I kept hearing around the room was "Boy, I hope I look that good at 80"!  I think the song, King of the Road, that  played on your slide show describes you well!

After the birthday party, Elizabeth and I went to Erica and Cory's wedding near Durant.  Cory's mom, Misty, and I met in our first freshman class, Dr. Pat Robbins, at Southeastern and have been best friends since.  It was a beautiful outside wedding and we had such a good time.  I am praying for many years of blessings for Cory and Erica.

This morning I went to church with dad at 9 and then with Mom at 10:30.  Mom's church, a cowboy church, have lunch after their service on Sunday, so that was fun.  Brian and Kelly were there along with Brianna, Kelton and Elizabeth.  We also celebrated Mom's birthday which was a few weeks ago.

So, it was a great weekend and Elizabeth and I were pooped and I couldn't get her to drive home today!  Pat couldn't go to Oklahoma because he had the Dallas Home and Garden show and Garrett had basketball games with his team from school. They were both missed!

Many of our friends and family in Oklahoma asked about Pat and were disappointed he wasn't able to go.  I am humbled when I hear of those who read our CB and pray for us.  We covet your prayers and we are thankful for those who are walking this journey with us. 

Today before the service started at the Cowboy church, my girlfriend from grade school, Kim, grabbed my hand and told me she had someone she wanted me to see, Duane Elwood.  She said when she first saw Duane she asked him if he knew who she was.  He said yes, Paige McNatt.  Well, her response was no, I am actually Kim Jones.  So, when I arrived, she walked me to the back row and told Duane that I was actually here this morning.  Duane is fighting pancreatic cancer also and was diagnosed not long after Pat.  Our mutual friend, Roy Godfrey, told me about Duane when he was first diagnosed because he wanted to see about assisting him in getting Duane into the cancer center.  Since that time, I have prayed and prayed for Duane and to see him today was a  blessing to me. For him being at church today was a God hug as he hadn't been to church there in a long time.  Actually, I am not sure if he has ever attended that church.  I ask that you pray for Duane as his journey is a lot worse than ours right now and it breaks my heart to see someone else fighting this same disease. 

Pat has been feeling fair.  He was able to work most of the day at the home show yesterday, but this week he has been having a lot of back pain.  I am ready to have those scans done so that we can see exactly what is going on.

Team STP is on a roll and I am so excited!   Thank you to all that donated these past few days. 

I hope you have a great week.  Hug those you is precious!

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