Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary 27 Years

Happy Anniversary to me and Pat...27 years!  How Amazing and what a journey! 

I wrote the following in my journal this morning and I thought I would share with you:

Looking back over the past 27 years, there were some rough spots, but not many.  When I say that I mean between he and I.  I can truly tell you that I never remember either one of using the word divorce in any of our arguments or heated discussions. After 1992 when Pat accepted Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior and I rededicated my life, our marriage became sweeter and sweeter. Oh, how I wish I had my intimate walk with Christ at the beginning of our marriage rather than waiting until my mid 30's. 

The sweetest, memorable, and most touching moments in our life began in 2007 when our Life Group was formed which challenged Pat and I in our walk.  We studied God's word, prayed and lived life authentically with our friends.

In 2008, Pat was diagnosed with his first cancer, esophageal.  I saw slow, spiritual transformation begin within us.  Miracles were seen in situations that I could never imagine being "fixed".  As Pat and I fell more in love with God, we fell more in love with each other and we watched our marriage blossom.  God has been in the center of our marriage which gives us security of being who He created each of us to be. He knew what our future held and what we as a couple would need to endure our future walk in the wilderness.

Both of us are from divorced families and I think that caused us to fight harder for our marriage.  I believe that God's favor and blessings flow abundantly when you have been married for as long as we have and He blesses us as a couple as we search for His will and His desires for our family.

As I read in Streams in the Desert this morning, he made the comparison of gold versus iron.  He talked about Joseph when he was in the dungeon "iron entered his soul". And the strength of iron is exactly what he needed for earlier as he had only experienced the glitter of gold. We all need iron in life to enlarge our character.  The gold is simply a passing vision whereas, the iron is the true experience of life. The chain that is the common bond uniting us to other must be one of iron. The common touch of humanity that gives the world true kinship is not joy, but sorrow--gold is partial to only a few, but iron is universal.  Your life will be enlarged in proportion to the amount of iron you have endured, for it is in the shadows of your life that you will find the actual fulfillment of your drams of glory.  So, do  not complain about the shadows of darkness--in reality they are better than your dreams could ever be. 

Gold was present in our marriage as I lived a very charmed life prior to 2008.  I remember thinking one day that I should brace for the worst as I hadn't not seen much death, suffering or many trials. Now I can look back and see how he was preparing me for the journey this family would take. So, the story of gold versus iron beautifully describes how our marriage was formed and how it is playing out in our lives today. We have endured iron, but truly not until 2008 when Pat had esophageal cancer, left his career after 30 years, I started working again after 16 years, we start a new business, and then Pat is diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer along with other major events tousled in the mix.  I can say this marriage is made of iron.  You can see beautiful flecks of gold, but it is solid iron.

 I tell my kids often that they are so blessed because their mom and dad are still married and love each other.  What a gift!

God giving me the story of Joseph to read today on our anniversary shows me again how He intimately loves me and that He continues to circle His arms around me so that I can feel His huge God hugs.

I am thankful for these 27 years and pray for 27 more so that we can continue too live out our love story. 

Pat, you hold my heart and I love you more each day. You are my Hero and my best friend!

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