Tuesday, September 20, 2011


What a whirlwind it has been the past two days with deadlines at work to meet before we leave town tomorrow.  It is also that time of year for meetings at school so I can make sure my junior is prepared for college and his basketball booster club has social media! 

As I sit here writing, a commercial for the Cancer Treatment Center just came on TV.  It was Peggy Kessler, a pancreatic survivor. Several people have asked me if those are real cancer patients or actors in the commercials.  They are real.  You might remember that Pat chatted with Roger Stump via a phone call, who is on a CTCA commercial and is a seven year pancreatic survivor.  What an amazing place!

Pat and I decided to fly to Tulsa tomorrow. Thursday he will have his CAT and PET scans and Friday will be a day full of appointments.  Also, we will find out his scan results and see if he is a candidate for the microwave ablation on that liver spot again. Our plan is to return on Saturday.  Needless to say, this a very important week for us and we covet your prayers.

How wild is this? Pat just sat down and turned on today's recorded show by Dr. Oz.  The subject is cancer and the first segment is pancreatic cancer.  Since you are reading this right now, I am going to give you the highlights of important factors of this disease.
  • Pancreatic cancer is the cancer doctors fear the most.
  • This year 44,000 diagnosed people will be diagnosed and 38,000 will die.
  • Warning signs are: stomach and back pain; weight loss, and lightly/clay colored stools.
  • There is no effective screening efforts.
  • If you have two or more family members with pancreatic cancer, ovarian and breast you are at risk.
  • Research shows those who drink a lot of alcohol is at risk and also research shows those who drink two or more sodas a day.  He did mention that researchers need to learn more about sodas.
  • Those with type II diabetes are high risk.
  • Blood tests can be done to check liver enzymes and blood.
  • Cut fatty red meat and processed meats
  • Two servings of red and yellow vegetables to dinner
  • 750 mg Curcumin (a supplement)  twice a day.  Shown to inhibit the growth of pancreatic cells.
I wasn't planning on writing about this, but maybe someone needs read this and I could conveniently type while Dr. Oz "dictated".  I can also look at this as a nice segue to Donate to Team STP!

Gotta go pack!
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