Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Purple Stride Donations Needed

A  quick hello!  Pat is feeling better each day.  Yesterday was a rough one, but it is a new day!  Today he just complained about being really tired. Everyone else in the household is doing fine.  Matt is settling in to school as well as Garrett.  Elizabeth is working her pretty little fingers to the bone! 

It is pretty uneventful around here, which I like.  Right now I am fired up about PurpleStride and need more team members or donations. Click here to get information. I began running last night and I am sore today.  Our team conditioning coach, Brian (my brother-in-law)  said I could rest today! Running is not my thing, but finishing a 5K is on my bucket list.  So, let's go purple together!  Email me at and I will email you the link to sign up as a team member or to donate.  Thank you to those who have supported Team STP!

Sending big hugs! 
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