Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday in Tulsa

Hi from Tulsa.  We will be here until tomorrow morning.  Pat has had an okay day today.  He has extreme fatigue, moving slow and just doesn't feel good.  We will go to infusion tonight to disconnect the chemo at 10.

I got another God hug today.  My friend, Andrea Lyles, drove over from Edmond to spend the afternoon with us.  She and I were at college together at Southeastern and we have not seen each other since 1982.  Thanks to Facebook, we have become very good friends and she is definitely one of our prayer warriors.  I love you, Andrea and thank you for dinner.

I got on the dreaded treadmill today and actually found it easier as I was able to run further than when I am outside.  I am making progress, but I have only eight weeks and much more to go before I get in shape to run that 5K without walking.  I am determined, but I don't like it yet.

We feel your prayers and I know that is why I have such a peace today.  This journey would be so hard without you walking it with us.

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