Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hello there!  Have you been watching the show, "Americas Got Talent"? Our family has and the finals are on now.  My favorite is the Silhouettes. It does feel like this show has been on for a very long time this summer!

Pat had a really good day yesterday and today wasn't that bad.  Some days he has more pain or may be just a little more fatigue.  I am so proud of how he just pushes through the day and just deals with it.

I did talk with our Care Manager yesterday in Tulsa and Pat's CAT and PET scan are scheduled for next Thursday with a follow up appointment with the oncologist on Friday to get the results.  Please join us in praying for great scans and that the liver spot has shrunk.  Even gone would be good wouldn't it?  

My training has begun on the 5K for PurpleStride and I can't wait for the cooler weather to get here and I hear it is on its way.  It did feel a tad cooler after we ran tonight.  Wendy is training with me, so we are huffing and puffing as we slowly try to run a little further each night. Thank goodness for accountability partners. 

I have been wearing out my favorite song each morning on the way to work, the Everlasting.  The following lyrics stayed in my head all day:  

Jesus, we set our hope on you, we set our hope on the love, we set our hope on the One who is the everlasting God!


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