Thursday, September 22, 2011

Made It Safe and Sound

We made it to Tulsa safe and sound!  It was nice to fly this time and get it here at a decent hour and not be too pooped from driving.  We are staying in the Hilton across the street, which is a nice place with good food! 

Pat and I are so excited that Modern Family debuted their new season tonight and two episodes at that!  It is so nice to watch a show that just makes you crack up laughing! Cam is my favorite.

I am excited that my sister is coming to hang out with Pat and I tomorrow.  It will be great having her with us.  There is nothing like a sister!

Pat's scans are at 10 and 1, so please lift him in prayer tomorrow..  I also ask that you pray for us to have peace as we wait for the results.

We love you!

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