Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Ankle

Hi there! I am sitting in front of a beautiful fire, which is the only thing I think is good about cold weather.  You should see Cash right now sitting in the recliner with Pat.  Matter of fact I just heard Pat ask Cash if he was comfortable.  They are such a pair and you should see their morning routine.  He is definitely Pat's dog and sometimes Cash just snubs me.  That is okay because I think it is just a "man's best friend" thing.

This morning Pat had an appointment to get an ultrasound on his ankle.  They definitely ruled out a blood clot on the spot.  The doctor didn't give it a name but just called it an infection, so Pat began antibiotics this afternoon.  If his ankle is not any better by 2:00 tomorrow, he will have to go to ER to get an IV antibiotic. This is your cue please to pray for the oral antibiotics to do their job by tomorrow.  He will also see the his primary doctor tomorrow afternoon to do another round of blood work.

It is going to be a busy weekend around here.  Garrett has a game Saturday at North Crowley and The Home & Garden Show in Fort Worth begins tomorrow.  Clear Choice will have a display, so if you are in the market for residential replacement windows (just a small plug here), stop by and take a gander.  This is one of the bigger home shows of the year, so we hope there is a good turn out.

Your prayers, love, encouragement and support mean so much to us.  It is amazing to feel so loved!  We are so blessed.
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