Monday, January 3, 2011

Had the Test

Someone was praying today!  Pat was able to have the HIDA test on his gallbladder this afternoon. We were told about 1:00 that the machine was down and they had an appointment for us to have the test at 6:30 in the morning.  While we were waiting around for the discharge papers, a counselor came by to check in on us.  Pat stated that he was frustrated and he went on to say that he doesn't understand why he can't go to another hospital to get the test. The counselor asked Patent's Relations about it and Vicky, from that department, jumped on that question.  She made some calls and made it happen.  Fortunately, the machine was fixed but a "formula" was needed and they were able to get it from another hospital.  We were downstairs within an hour getting the test. Yep, answered prayer! I forget that Patient Relations is patient advocacy. What a great resource.  
We are now in the guest room.  Pat is sleeping and pretty wiped out. I went downstairs and brought my dinner to the room...meatloaf, mashed potatoes and squash...yum.  I have a protein shake waiting on Pat, but I am afraid he won't touch it tonight.  He is not hungry and he has been wrestling the nausea all day.  
Tomorrow we have an appointment at 2 PM with the gastro doctor, so I will let you know.
Hugs to you!


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