Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet Loco

Hello!  Hope you had a good Wednesday.  Today was a good one for Pat and I love it that he is feeling so well.  We are thankful that we have another week before we leave for Tulsa.

My heart hurts today for Carolyn as Ray died last night.  I got a text from her about 9:20.  We did text each other before bed. She said that she was feeling the strength and peace from our prayers and she said it really felt weird and unexplainable.   I have felt that indescribable peace before and it is truly a gift. Thank you for praying and caring about our friends.  

The picture attached is Matt with his new dog, Loco. He has been sending me pictures everyday and he says that he really  loves his new sidekick that follows him around everywhere.  

Signing off and sending you blessings!
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