Monday, January 17, 2011

Three God Hugs


Wow!  What a great day I had!  God gave me three God hugs today. My two girlfriends from high school, Patti and Carla drove down from Madill and Durant to spend the afternoon with me!  Patti and I were inseparable from the 6th grade all through high school.  Carla and I became friends when I was about 16, but we all cheered and played basketball together.  Patti and I have stayed in contact all of these years and this spring she opened her home to me for a week when dad was in the hospital in Durant.  

I truly saw Carla for the first time a year ago at a restaurant in Madill after 30 years.  Our visit was only a brief five minutes, but God had his hand in this reunion.  Just weeks after our chat, she and her husband, Rick, were going to MD Anderson for an extended stay to treat Rick's leukemia.  Our kindred spirits connected and I tried to be the best prayer warrior I could while they were in Houston.  She also kept friends and family updated through Caringbridge.  Rick and Carla were asked by God to do hard. and they had a huge battle to fight.  Their journey touched many lives with their faith and strength and they certainly were a huge inspiration to me.  So, you see what God had in mind for this renewed friendship.  She is now here for me as Pat and I  walk  this journey that is so similar to theirs.   

The picture attached of the three of us this afternoon is one of those "stretch your arm" photos, as our photographer, Pat, left so we had to resort to this major closeup!  You girls made my day!

My third God hug was the opportunity to go to Keeno with my neighborhood gals.  Our group has been together over 11 plus years.  I have not attended since September, so I was thrilled to see them all again.  It is always a lot of talking, giggling and just silliness sometimes.  I love all of you Keeno girls!

Gosh! Does that Matt melt your heart likes he does mine?  Yes, he is my son, but he touched me with his words last night here on the journal.   Bubba, you make me so proud. 

I have many prayer requests too numerous to list here, but my ultimate prayer through this journey is that my three children will be come MOGS and WOGS (Billy Beacham, my former ABF teacher, always says this) and that means Men and Women of God.  I want my children to see God clearly through this journey and that they feel His presence.  Pat and I have talked about this, and we both believe it will be worth it all.

Pat is having swelling and pain in his right ankle, so he has a doctor's appointment tomorrow to check it out. All of the extra fluid and swelling went away after the surgery, but the ankle has not.   Please pray with me that this is something minor.  Other than that, he is feeling much better.  

My devotion today came true.  It read: "Search for all that I have prepared for you, anticipating abundant blessings and accepting difficulties as they come.  I can weave miracles into the most mundane day if you keep your focus on Me."  Today the blessings were abundant!  

Sweet Dreams!

PS:  Elizabeth, I know you are in the land of sand, surf and sun, and you are having a fantastic time with your BFF, Jessica, but I miss and love you!
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