Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thankful Saturday


The day started this afternoon with basketball at North Crowley High School.  It wasn't a very entertaining game as we beat them 70 something to 20 something.  Garrett did tell me tonight that it was their JV second team.  Since Centennial is a new school, they are not in a district, so they have an unusual schedule.
The Home & Garden show went on without Pat today. He has extreme fatigue today, so we hung out at home after the game. Days like today are very frustrating for him as he wants to feel good and tries hard to overcome it.  Being home this afternoon was a good time for me to get a jump start on the dreaded taxes.  

John Lisby, my hat is off to you and I am so very thankful for you and the many hours you have put into Clear Choice.  God knew what he was doing when Pat found you and you joined the Clear Choice team as our salesman.  Many times Pat and I have said "What would we do without John?"  I have thought of you over and over today as you have put tireless hours in this weekend's home show and in the week's past without one complaint, but with your "let's get it done" attitude. I know that you are approaching your one year anniversary with Clear Choice and I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. As my friend Wendy said to me after meeting you at the home show this afternoon, "Good people surround your family".  She certainly had you in mind.  

We have so much to be thankful for and some days are harder than others, but we are always reminded of how much we are loved by our family and friends. 

In His Grip,

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