Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Love Sundays

Hello!  It is Sunday, my favorite day and this has been such a sweet one!  Pat felt good this morning when he woke up, so we were able to go to the Home and Garden show for several hours and it was well worth our time.  It was a good turn out this weekend.  

We just returned from Life Group just a bit ago.  What an amazing group of men and women!  Pat and I are so thankful to have these men and women to live life together for the past three years and now  walk this journey together.   I did tell them a few weeks ago that they didn't sign up for this, but we sure need them.

Our Life group is doing a new study called 20/20 and Week 2 is entitled "Healed".   We have devotions that we are to read each day, but Pat and I were behind and we decided to do them this morning together.  God sure knows about perfect timing as you will read a little later.  Yesterday was one of those hard days.  A hard day for me is seeing this disease stare right into my face.  Pat feels bad, he is thin and he is just exhausted.  It causes fear in me, and it causes me to doubt.  It is just an emotional roller coaster.  It still feels surreal.

Let the words of Jan Greenwood from our devotion this week explain to you what I am trying to describe:

Despite the evidence of God’s Word, many of us are often afraid to believe for healing. We don’t trust that God is good or that He is willing to heal. Some of us are so terrified of being disappointed that we fail to stretch our faith and exercise obedience. Others of us begin the battle strong but lose our momentum, because fear wears at the corners of our minds and day by day steals a piece of our faith. Sometimes, we listen to our symptoms more than we listen to the voice of God. A hurting body, grueling treatments and many tests simply scream sickness so loudly that we believe the lie. Many of us can’t get past our experiences. We’ve seen a friend or family member suffer and die, and the disappointment stands like a mountain in the way of our hope and faith. Leaping across what is “bad” to believe that God is “good” becomes a seemingly insurmountable obstacle for us. However, if we don’t learn to overcome fear, we will walk in constant anxiety and thwart God’s plan to bring healing and victory to us.
I understand that believing God and choosing to be brave isn’t easy, and it doesn’t mean that we won’t ever have doubt or fear. It simply means that we obey in the face of great obstacles, symptoms and intimidation. Eventually, there comes a season in our battle when we can fully rest in the hope we’ve placed in God, surrender the outcome to Him and trust in His faithfulness rather than in the manifestation of our healing. We know that whether we are healed in this life or not, God is faithful. When we diligently guard our hearts against fear and steadfastly hold to God’s promises, we experience the rewards of peace and hope.

I told Pat she pretty much described what I felt yesterday.  I felt scared and fearful, but today I was filled with joy after hearing this message.  I felt rejuvenated and refueled.  It was like taking a big deep breath and saying "I can do this...let's start over, Lord".  

We had a great discussion tonight discussing healing and my take is that God is still in the business of miracles today.  If you asked me if I believe that Pat will be healed, my answer is yes, although we may go to hell-o and back. I know that God loves me and our family and he knows all about our desires as well as our fears.  2 Kings 20:5 says "I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; behold, I will heal you." As God's children, we are already healed.  But, no matter what our future holds, I will lean on Him and I will continue to love Him.  He works all things according to His good purpose, so I will just trust. Many days it will be a half a day at a time.  

I ask you to continue to pray and ask God to release His power for healing, but most importantly, I pray that you know Him personally.

With much love and thankfulness,
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