Monday, January 24, 2011


Hello!  Hope you had a good Monday!  We all did, but Elizabeth is feeling like she has some bronchitis coming on or severe allergies. Matt came in today for an orthodontist appointment and Garrett's game, but the game was cancelled this afternoon.  

When Matt came home this afternoon he had a side kick.  I thought he might be joking when he called and said that he got an early birthday present....a dog! My reply was "no you didn't".  Well, he did.  It was a rescue, one year old male dog named "Cocoa Vanilla Bean".  He is a chihuahua.  He is a sweet dog, but we are not digging his name, so when Matt left he hadn't quite decided on a new one.  While I was cooking dinner, I heard him and Pat discussing different names.  Poor Cash was outside because some new dog was occupying his space.  Cocoa Vanilla Bean went home to Waco!

This afternoon I drove over to the Sunflower Shop in Fort Worth. I was there close to two hours looking and comparing supplements that Pat takes everyday. The employees there are so educated and my brain was jammed when I left. If you are interested in vitamins, supplements, and healthy alternatives, and if you have done any research at all, you know what I am talking about.  This is new territory for me, so I am trying to learn all that I can.  One of my important jobs is to make sure Pat eats healthy, calorie-dense, high protein throughout the day, so I am always looking for variety.  If I offer him a nut of any kind right now, he might give me a dirty look. 

Days like today I cherish.  There was not much to write home about, but it was a normal day because Pat felt good, went to work and came home smiling and cheerful, which makes "mom" (that is what he calls me) happy!

So, I say good night now with a smile!

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