Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Good Ol Days

Hello! We just got home from Garrett's game against Lake Country Varsity near Saginaw.  Spartans won 74 to 11, so it was not pretty for Lake Country.  From what I can see at the end of this Spartan season, our guys will have a very good team in the next two years!

Pat got a HUGE God hug in the mail today!  Phil Chaney, and old friend from the "Good Old Days" sent Pat a DVD of an old home video of their basketball team when Pat was in the 8th grade.  Oh my gosh!  It was so cool to watch Pat play. On the video he made a lot of baskets, rebounds and some free throws!  He was number 58 and he had very skinny legs, longer hair and very short shorts!  What a hoot! Garrett got home from the game just in time to watch too! Also on the video was the 8th grade Homecoming ceremony and much to my surprise, guess who was an escort?  Yes, Pat!  The girl he was escorting won the homecoming title. I hear it was a shock because she was new to town!  Bahaha!   Pat was decked out with his blue sport coat and slacks.  I am still smiling after watching the video twice.  Phil, I cannot thank you enough for sending Pat the DVD.  I wish you could have seen his face while he was watching it. Phil, you weren't too bad of a basketball player yourself!  

I met a new chiropractor today and I really like him. My stress settles into my neck, so needless to say, I need a chiro now! My favorite one moved off to medical school and I have not had one in a couple of years.  I am thankful for the referral, Lisa!   Actually at 9:00 tonight he called to check on me and follow up.  I am impressed.

After my appointment, I picked up Pat and took him to see his primary care doctor, Dr. Vargas.  As I mentioned last night, Pat's ankle is very swollen, red, and painful and Dr. Vargas thinks it could be gout.  If it isn't, he will have an ultrasound to make sure it isn't a blood clot.  Prayer warriors, please pray!

It is getting late, so I am going to hit the sack!  I am looking forward to seeing Miss Elizabeth tomorrow when I fetch her at the airport.  Matt, miss you already!  

Sweet dreams,

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