Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Full Day

Hello!  Again what a beautiful day!

It was just about perfect to me. We began our day by watching Garrett play basketball at 11 AM at Haltom, but they played Saginaw.  It WAS not pretty when the Spartans beat them 84 to 24.  I am sorry, I just can hold back.  This mom has to say it....G scored 25 points! Woo hoo!  Elizabeth rode with us and Dianne met us there. We had a lot of fun!

Following the game I dropped off Pat and Elizabeth at home and drove to Fort Worth to catch Becky speak in the afternoon session. I believe I have heard her speak now five times, and she still , motivates, stretches and encourages me, not to mention laugh! I told her today that she was just good medicine for me this weekend!  

After that I made a stop at the Sunflower Shop and met Pat and Cash at the park as we wanted to wear him out and we did!  He loves his red ball and will chase it and bring it back to you over and over again.  

Pat and I had date night tonight, as I call it.  We went out for some some fajitas, went to Lowe's and home to watch a movie.  My friends on Facebook were making fun of me when I posted that.  I was told we were party animals and to take it down a notch! Whoa...We will try!  The movie was Secretariat and it was so good. As we sat down to watch the movie I told Pat that this was a perfect night for me and he agreed.  The only thing that would make it even better would be if the kids were with us enjoying the same things we do! bahaha! Elizabeth is at the Mavericks game texting me from a suite! Matt and Garrett are with friends, so not going to happen.

Days like today are huge God hugs and I just relish in them.  You see, God knows this.  You know how it feels when we doing something awesome for our kids  and you can see their joy all over their face?  God gets great pleasure in this. I am so glad because we want more days like this.  Oh how I have learned to appreciate the small things these past three months.  
I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

We love you,

"Prayers for Pat", February 2nd 12 Noon.
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