Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Carolyn & Ray

Surprise!  I am updating early!  

I have a date tonight and I might be in late!  Ha!  It won't be late!
Pat and I are going out with friends, Conny and Angela and his brother, Benny.  Conny, Benny and Pat have worked for many years when Pat was at Kinro.  Benny is from out of town, so we are going to eat a very tasty hamburger and I WILL be ordering the french fries!

My heart is heavy and I have tried to write about this all week. If you have been reading my journal then you might remember me telling you about Carolyn and Ray who are our friends at the Cancer Center.   Just a short recap for you.  Carolyn and Ray who live in Addison, Texas eloped to Las Vegas in August.  When we arrived about the third week in October at CTCA, we met them about a week later.   Ray also has pancreatic cancer and his symptoms came on quickly for him.  Ray and Carolyn are such a cute couple and when I first met Carolyn I knew that we would be fast friends. After all, this cancer was new to both of us, we are close in age, we are both from the metroplex, our husbands have the same cancer and we both are believers.  She has been a huge comfort to me.

Unfortunately, Ray has been very sick since October and he and his new bride have not been home since October.  They had to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year there. They have lots of family that visit and I have to tell you that Carolyn is the CTCA cheerleader!  She knows everyone and is there to love, pray and encourage her new found family that comes and goes from the Center.  This week she texted me to tell me that Ray can't get any more chemo  and he can't get rid of the infection because the tumors have made him so weak.  All week she has been texting me asking me to pray for strength, wisdom and for the medicine to do its job as well as an appetite for Ray so he can keep his strength up.  Today she told me that Ray has taken a turn for the worse.   Carolyn is so strong.  I know she is hurting, but she is clinging to our Father praying for the miracle.  She says that if the miracle does not come then he will graduate to his mansion in Heaven.  

I ask you to join me in praying for this sweet couple.  It is tough to watch and it is hard.  Although he has pancreatic cancer, it is different than Pat's, but nevertheless it is cancer.  I hesitate in telling you this because it is so sad, but I am promising to pray and I am asking my prayer warriors to join me.  I have attached a picture of Carolyn and Ray so that you can put their names with their faces.  What comforts me the most is that Carolyn is leaning on our Heavenly Father to carry her and she is depending on Him to give her wisdom and guidance in the days to come. Ray still has a positive attitude and he is willing to fight.  

On a lighter note, Pat worked most of the day and he feels good. His lab work came back excellent and his ankle is back to normal.  

I talked to Matt today and he loves his new dog (Matt, what was his new name again?  You threw so many out there that I can't remember). Karen, I know you want to see a picture so I will post that tomorrow.   

Miss Elizabeth went to the doctor today and she has bronchitis and a sinus infection.  I hate it when my kiddos are sick.  

Thank you for your faithfulness and your friendship!

With much love,
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