Tuesday, March 22, 2011

God Is Big Enough

Hey there!  Pat, Elizabeth and I went to the church tonight to watch Matt and Garrett play on their men's basketball league.  The only one missing was Pat.  He played with them last year and that was great fun to watch and the boys had such a good time.  The "Mavericks", their team name, won tonight.

I have attached a picture of a new wrist band that Pat and I have been wearing given to us by sweet friends!  It says "God Is Big Enough".  He is, no doubt!  It is nice though to be be reminded in just a glance.  I still wear my purple Pancan bracelet and that bracelet means so much to me as it is a symbol of this journey.  Purple has new meaning to me now.  I really didn't care for purple before now, but it is growing on me.  I even had my toenails painted purple today!  I like to match, you know!

We are taking the camper to Tulsa tomorrow and we will leave at noon.  Elizabeth has decided to join us and I am so glad   I would love for all of our family and friends to see this wonderful place.  Oh, and Cash is going too!

As I close tonight, I am thankful for my sweet friendships.  The girlfriends in my life mean so much to me and I love how God orchestrates their paths to cross mine whether it be a visit,  phone call, or a message just when I need one. I can't imagine walking this journey without them.  Oh, I have great male friends and they are priceless too, but my girlfriends know me, love me and just flat have to put up with me!  
Blessings to you!  I will be checking in tomorrow night from Touristy Tulsa!

Blessings and big hugs!
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