Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pink 'N Dirty

Hello!  Tonight our sweet friend, Bristol Ashlock, honored Pat in the Pink 'n Dirty softball game at Burleson High School.  Each player was to choose someone close to them that they wanted to honor after the varsity game.  Brissy (as I call her) chose Pat and it touched our hearts.  Pat wasn't able to attend tonight because he just didn't feel good, so I was humbled and honored to represent him.  It was so sad to see how many people in such a small crowd that have been touched by cancer.....friends, aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents.   There were too many.    I have attached a picture of the pink softball and pink rose that I was presented on the softball field.  This family is quite familiar with the game as Elizabeth was a pitcher and played for many years.  We spent many hours in the hot and cold, and we have great memories. Thank you again, Brissy...we love you!

I have started a new book from one of my favorite authors, Priscilla  Shirer called "Life Interrupted".  Of course I was drawn to the book because I have loved the author's books in the past, but the title drew me in too!  Take a note of this:  Every single one of us wants to matter, to make a mark in life that will be remembered long after we're gone--but only on our own terms. We want autonomy, independence, and the freedom to govern our own steps.  We don't mind Christ getting involved as long as His path eventually converges onto the one we'd already chosen anyway.  We want to select our own course, chase our own ambitions, and decide what stands out when people think of us.  But then the unwanted and unexpected happens.  "How do we handle the deviations of life that don't match with the script we'd prepared for ourselves?" Whoa!  I think there is a message in here for me.  You too?  I will keep you posted as I continue to read!

I now know that many of my girlfriends are reading the devotional, Jesus Calling.  It is pretty cool when I know that they are reading what I am reading......Lori, Tammy, Cecille and Bonnie!  Did you girls read it today?  It was just what I needed to hear again!  "I am taking care of you.  Trust me at all times.  Trust Me in all circumstances.  Trust me with all your heart.  When you are weary and everything seems to be going wrong, you can still utter these four words, "I trust you, Jesus."  By doing so, you release matters into My control and you fall back into the security of My everlasting arms.  Before you arise from your bed in the morning, I have already arranged the events of your day."

My day was full and looking back He was present, He was trustworthy and He went before me!

Goodnight and sweet dreams!
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