Friday, March 25, 2011

A Report

Hello from Tulsa!  Pat is getting chemo as I sit here beside him and Elizabeth is here too!  He is enjoying lala land right now.

I know that you are anxious to get the results, so let me brief you.  The tumor markers have decreased to 136.  There are two spots on the liver that we looked at.  One has increased, about the size of a nickel and one has decreased to the size of a dime.  They call this a mixed report.  We met with another oncologist, Dr. Pollack, today because Dr. Stresthda was sick.  I liked him and I feel that visiting with another oncologist just gives us an additional opinion.  Pat is getting the same chemo treatment that he has been getting as Dr. Pollack  felt that we should come back in two weeks as scheduled and meet with our oncologist as well as a radiologist to discuss tomotherapy.  Here is the definition of tomotherapy:   Tomotherapy  combines integrated CT imaging with conformal radiation therapy to deliver sophisticated radiation treatments with speed and precision while reducing radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.  I happen to see Marie, our Nurse Practitioner in the hall and we talked about Pat's scans.  She indicated that we will probably add something additional next time to his current chemotherapy, Gemzar.   

Dr. Pollack said that there is not much difference between tumor markers of 151 to 136, but they are not going up.  In looking at the spots on the bone there is not any change.  So, the main area of concern are the spots on the liver. 

In the overall picture of this disease, it is a very good report and I am thankful.  This journey is far from over, but we continue to have hope and trust God as we go through each day.   I ask that you continue to pray for peace.  I also ask that you pray for continued strength for Pat as there are many days he is weary,

One of the nice things here at the center is that they offer counseling.  I have met twice now with a wonderful lady named Rhonda, who has been able to help me as she sees caretakers like me all of the time. She shares her expertise and experience with family members who have to deal with cancer on a daily basis.  

It has been cool introducing Elizabeth to all of our friends, nurses and staff here at the center.  Everyone can tell she is my daughter before I introduce her. 

Kelly came today and spent the whole day with us.  When Pat went to his appointment this afternoon, the nurses were teasing him about his "girls"  following him around.   It was great comfort having both Elizabeth and Kelly with us today.

Pat will have his Neulasta shot in the morning so that we can keep his white blood count up, so he will have bone pain in a few days.  After his shot we will be driving home...kinda dread that.  I am really tired and emotionally drained today.

I must end of a funny story!  Elizabeth was taking Cash outside and taking his red ball (you have to spell ball around him or he knows what you are talking about) to throw for him so he can retrieve and repeat.  Pat and I were on the other side of the RV working on a hose and we hear Elizabeth cry out.  She had dropped Cash's ball in the drainage pipe in the parking lot.  She is upset at this point.  Time passes for maybe 5 minutes and we hear her cry out again.  She has dropped her cell phone in the same drainage pipe.  We are rolling our eyes at this time and telling her that she will have to call maintenance and see what she can do to get it out!  She sees water dripping into the drain from a distance, so she panics.  She gets on the phone and fortunately the maintenance man has one of those grippers and he easily pulled it while dropping his own eye glasses down the same drain.  Thankfully, he got his glasses out too.  The ball was never recovered but Cash is very happy that Aunt Kelly drove us to Pet's Mart to buy a new one!

Thank you for loving us from afar this week with your sweet texts, emails and messages.  Your love and support carries us each day. 

Sending hugs from Tulsa!
Paige & Pat
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