Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Gan Gan & Paxton

Hello!  Another good day in the Easterling home.  Matt had to go back to work, so he returned to Waco with Loco.  I didn't just do that on purpose! That sounds like a sad name for a starving tour director.  You know I have such an affection for Loco.  He is gentle, loving and quite the lap dog. I wish you could see him and Cash play.  It is really funny when Loco barks and growls at Cash and just for an instance Cash is scared!    

Pat has had a busy day and has felt good.  Tomorrow we return to Tulsa and start the cycle over again. 

I have noticed when God wants to get my attention whether it is to teach me something new, mold my character, or point out sin in my life, I keep hearing a theme or a subject repeatedly.  In the past week it has been "Hearing God's Voice".  This morning I read this:

I believe that those who walk with God and develop the consistent habit of obeying everything  He asks of them do cultivate a well-tuned subjective sensitivity to God's voice.  And I believe that God is much more inclined to speak in special ways to those who consistently trust and obey Him. 

Oh how I want to hear His voice more!

There are two special people that I want to wish a happy birthday.  Paxton Gilbert is 16 today!  I call him my fourth child and I love him like he is one of mine.  Pat's grandmother, Gan Gan, is 107 today!  That is not a typo.  That is absolutely amazing!  Happy Birthday!

Have a great night!

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