Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hanging In Tulsa

Hello! Pat, Elizabeth and I just finished watching a movie and now about to head towards bedtime. Today was a relaxed and lazy one after the scan this morning.

Tomorrow is full of appointments starting at 8 and end at 5 with a few breaks in between. We were informed today that Pat's oncologist is sick so we are having to see another one tomorrow at 2. That disappoints me be he will give us the results of the scan and then we will hear is recommended treatment plan. I was assured that our oncologist will be consulted also.

Thank you for all of your sweet messages that you have sent us today. We feel so loved and your prayers mean so much to us.

I had such a great visit today with an old friend of mine from high school, Laura Watts Lawrence, who lives here in Tulsa. I told Pat she was coming by and he asked me if he had ever met her. I laughed and told him yes and that he and I went out with her and her boyfriend just 30 years ago when he visited me in Madill one weekend. That memory had to be dug out of the far corners of my mind!

I also was excited for Laura to meet Elizabeth. I think it is hard to imagine our friends from high school with kids of their own, particularly if you have not raised your kids together. As in mine and Laura's friendship, the last time we saw each other we were about 19 and snap, we are now way past 40! (i know how far!) Thank you, Laura, for making my day!

Hittin the hay, my dad used to say!

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