Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Precious Three

Hello!  I am just sitting here thinking about my kids and how much joy they bring to me!  The boys and their girlfriends just left.  They hung out with us for several hours before hitting the bowling alley.  I loved that Elizabeth went with us to Tulsa.  She has been so helpful in the past five months. 

I look at this journey and see how God has gone before us.  Elizabeth graduated from college in August and she moved home following graduation with the plan of living at home for a few months until she found a job and then find a place of her own. At the time, she thought she would like to work and live outside the DFW area.  I can clearly see how God knew we would need her at home to stay with Garrett and just keep the household running as Pat and I come and go with our hospital stays and Tulsa visits.  I know that my sweet 24-year-old did not choose this for herself, but she has been there for all of us.  She has given sacrificially.  It gives me great comfort as a mom that she has been here with Garrett.  Yes, Garrett is old enough to care for himself, but no 16-year-old would want to come home to an empty house while we were gone for many days in a row.

Garrett turned 16 in August and was now a free kid with his truck. I remember he was literally counting down the days until he got his license.   Just about the time he got a little driving experience under his belt, he finds that he has to drive himself to where he needs to be.  Garrett has stepped up to the plate to be a very mature and responsible young man.  He certainly has had the freedom to make choices that a parent wouldn't like.  We are so proud of Garrett and the good grades that he has kept while going through such a journey as this.

Matt makes the decision to make a fresh start and go back to school in Waco in August and take on a new major and also a new job. His dad is now sick and he finds himself wanting to be home many nights during the week, but he has been disciplined in his school work and he is determined to make the grades too!  Matt has gone out of his way to come home or go to the ranch to help out in anyway he can.

So, you see what a proud mom I am.  Pat is proud too! He and I talk about them all the time and we are so thankful that God blessed us with such awesome kids. Do you know what gives me the most peace when I think about my kids besides the fact that they love us and give us great joy? it is that they love the Lord.  They are not shy in letting others know how they feel and they are striving to be men and women of God. 

I have said this many times before and let me say it again.  This family has been asked to do hard and my ultimate desire is that my children will grow to love the Lord more each day.  I pray that they will not live their life to just get by or exist each day, but to live for God and make a difference in this world.  It is a big prayer I know and it is a prayer I will continue to pray until I take my last breath. 

Elizabeth, Matthew and Garrett aka Sis, Bubba & G, you are precious to your dad and I.  All three of you make us proud, you make us smile and you make us cry!  You three are so different from each other, but God knew you before you were born and He has truly created you for a great purpose.  We are just thankful that He chose YOU to 
be OURS! xoxo
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