Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hey! We are cruising on the train and just left the old Gainesville station. We also had our dinner from the snack bar and it was pretty good. The lady who served us was from Chicago. She said she rides this train for five days before she returns home. Did you know National Train Day is May 7th? We are celebrating early!

When Pat starts feeling good we know that treatment is around the corner. We will see doctors tomorrow, have chemo and return to Kelly and Brian's. We are so thankful for them helping us so that we can travel this way.

I finished my book by Priscilla Shirer this morning called "Life Interrupted" and it ended with some "underline the whole page" good stuff. What stayed with me the most was: Surrender! It's the only way to navigate the unexpected.

Surrender is probably the hardest things for me to do daily and totally. Gosh! She is right! I find that the more you hang on to something the more God will challenge me. That challenge is usually the person or thing that causes me the most worry, and the first thing that comes to my mind when I type this is my children. I bet you nod your head too! I have found in my experience as a mother, particularly now that their all in their teens and twenties, that it is at this age when it is the hardest to surrender them. I know they have to make their own mistakes and build their own testimony, but that makes my stomach flip. I haven't gotten this down. It is something I know, but find it extremely hard to do. So, my goal for surrender is to trust God. I can honestly say in looking back on the rough spots of motherhood, He has never failed me. He has taken some rough times and made them good "according to His good purpose" just as the scripture states. You know, I'm relieved He is in control because I know me and it could be ugly if I was!

Well, the train has rocked Pat to sleep and I may have to join him.

Join us in praying for a good report. You guys are so good to Pat and I and we are humbled.

All aboard!
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