Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Impact Player

Hey there!  I was MIA last night, but it is crazy around here and time gets away from me. 

May18th is a big birthday day for eight people who have a birthday today and four of them are really good friends....Laura, Brenda, Jeanie, and Gen.  Hope you guys had a wonderful day!

Tomorrow night Garrett has awards night at school and then we leave about 5:30 in the morning on Friday to get to Oklahoma City, drop the kids off and head to Tulsa for a 12 appointment.  We are looking forward to seeing family this weekend, but the kids are not happy about the car ride...I may have to split them up! 

Pat has really struggled the past two days with a some nausea and extreme fatigue.  He just feels whipped and he is tired of feeling this way.  Pat is beating the cancer but some days are just simply hard.  In the mornings when he gets up he is slow moving and at night time he is extremely tired after dinner, so he usually has to go to bed early.  But, he is so strong, determined, and disciplined with his regiment and routine and does not like to complain.  I was listening to my podcast while on the treadmill this morning and I heard something that stuck with me and I actually emailed my kids to share with them.  "God must think you are an impact player if he is allowing you to go through unjust suffering".  Pat is my impact player and my hero.

I ask that you continue pray for Pat's stamina, strength, endurance, peace and healing.  If it were not for God and His loving presence in our daily lives, this journey would be impossible.  I can't imagine having to go one day without Him.  Pat and I were driving to Hico Saturday and we were chatting.  We both agreed that we can honestly say that if you took the cancer out of our lives, we are happier than we have ever been.  So, I remind you that there are many gifts hidden in the trials....just watch.

Sweet dreams!
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