Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great Weekend!

I hope you had a good weekend?  We did!  It was full and I fell asleep on the couch last night in Hico and forgot to stop in and say hello!

Saturday was a busy day and quite the highlight and memory maker day for Garrett!  Pat, Garrett, Paxton and I went shopping for G a truck.  Considering we started at 8:30 and found one by 12:00 was not bad.  He knew what he wanted and we set out and found it in Irving!   It was quite the God thing as the truck met our criteria at our price.  Pat surprised Garrett Wednesday night after church by telling him that we were so proud of him, his great grades, his maturity,  his good choices as well as his God choices, and we had a reward for go shopping for a truck!  The look on Garrett's face was absolutely priceless.  Mr. Easy going, not-going-to-get-excited-kinda kid was pumped! 

Saturday evening we went to Hico.  When we arrived about 8 PM the electricity was out and all of the food in the freezer was ruined and a mess.  It didn't take the electric company too long to get there.  By the time we got everything cleaned up, it was bedtime.  Garrett and his friends spent all of their time fishing in Hico and had some good luck.  See the lovely snake he killed? Today was a perfect day with no wind!  It was just nice to get out of town and enjoy the country!  Pat and I went out this morning to mow and weed eat, but neither the lawn mower or weeder were working, so we came home to take care of our yard at home.

Matt is home for the summer and even has his room put back together (thanks Missy).   Yay!  We are excited. He starts work tomorrow at Choice Windows.  I just love how God worked it all out so that he could come home and return in the fall to finish school.

Busy week this week!  We will be leaving for Tulsa early Friday morning along with the kids.  My niece, Brianna, has her graduation party on Saturday and will be speaking at baccalaureate on Sunday.

Pat has felt good this past week.  Sometimes he just gets tired and has to rest, but overall, such a better two weeks after chemo than the last treatment.

Hope you have a great week!  Celebrate is a gift!

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