Friday, May 13, 2011


Aw! Friday night and just relaxing!  It has been a good day.  One reason is that I spent it with Pat in the office this morning and we were able to have lunch.  I am enjoying being off on Fridays, but this is one of the first Fridays that I have been in town.
Matt's last day of work was yesterday and he moves all of his stuff out of his apartment and back home this weekend.  He will go back in the fall, but this summer he will be working with Pat and learning more about Choice Windows.  It will be good to have him home this summer and Loco too!  So, all three kids home now!  Garrett made me laugh a few weeks ago when he said, "I will never be an only kid at home"!  What I do know is that he is very glad that his brother is home.  My boys have always had a very close relationship. 
I hope you enjoy this great weather this weekend and I pray you cherish each day!
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