Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Can Fly!

Oh my I am running on fumes and can't wait to sleep in my own bed as it has been since Monday!  I am glad to be home and see my three guys, but I did have an incredible time at the conference.

I have really been thinking about what I heard from God through those who spoke at the conference.  Before I arrived on Thursday, I knew that God had me there (and Elizabeth too) for a reason and I wanted to make sure I came away with a message that I knew that I was there to hear.  I believe the message was that God has me where he wants me and I am to do what he has before me although at times I will truly not know what that is nor will I understand. There is purpose in this journey and God will use it to glorify Him if I will just trust him each day with what I am given.  I am not to guess, fear or predidct what my future holds as only God knows and there will be many surprises along the way!

The theme "Fly" was so beautifully illustrated and demonstrated through media, song, dance and the messages.  We as women are to step out on obedience and trust that after we make that first step he will equip us with exactly what we need to be successful and what he has for us after we are obedient will be beyond anything we can ever imagine and will unfold as we exercise our faith. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mothers!  I know that I am blessed with a precious mom who I adore and love!  I love you, Mom!  Being a Mom is the ultimate gift and I love my three....Elizabeth, Matt, and Garrett and their father!

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