Monday, May 2, 2011

Yes, It Is Still Raining

 Yes, it is still raining and we are loving it.  It is muddy around our house because we put out all of that dirt this weekend.  Poor Cash now knows to stop at the door and lift his paws so we can wipe them off! 

We leave tomorrow for Tulsa on the train.  We have an early appointment at the Cancer Center Wednesday morning, so we will be departing from my sister's in OKC early, early.  Hopefully, since our day is starting earlier, we can get back to Kelly's earlier that evening so we can visit!

Congratulations to my friend, Becky Tirabassi and her husband, Roger (The Coach & the Counselor) in their new daily radio program Little Changes Big Results!  Their launch was today and they did a great job!  You can listen to them streaming on-line, Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 4 CST at (click here to hear today's show.) For 30 minutes every day, Roger and Becky will be taking calls and answering questions about relationships, fitness, addiction, parenting, faith and culture.  The number is 866.577.2473.  Becky and Roger have been such good friends and prayer warriors for Pat and I and they walked alongside us when Pat was diagnosed with cancer in 2008.  Becky is a spitfire and you will like her instantly!

Gotta get off here and go pack.  We are praying for a great report on Wednesday.  I will catch you from the train tomorrow night!


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